Czaria (Aria) Vasyr

2 Incarnate, Ranger, 3 Storm Caster Human Valkyrie


Platinum Hair color in a ponytail, Golden Eye color with positive Ion pupil. Aria is a Valkyrie with wings only the dead can see. wears the most badass power armor a maester and master blacksmith can make with 43,000 gold pieces


Czaria Vasyr is a Valkyrie of Death and Odin for the congregation of souls for Ragnarok. Born as a human, of a northern tribe of warriors known as Zezok, she lead most of her tribe through conquest of Zexon. She died at the age of 45, oldest woman to lead her brothers into battle. To this day the human presence on Zexon is because of her efforts. After she died with a sword through her gullet and an axe through her head. She was reborn when Odin saw potential in her as a Valkyrie.

Czaria (Aria) Vasyr

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