Tyvore Outset

2 Incarnate, Ninja, 3 Gatecrasher Hylian


Platinum Blonde Hair that is slowly turning white, pure blue eyes and usually wearing ninja garb with a weapon named Helix


Tyvore was a orphan boy who washed up on an island with his baby sister in tow and a old woman took care of them until his sister was kidnapped by a demigod and he went to save her at the age of ten. After he found her she had been tortured to death by what seemed like a nice family until he saw their shed. after he brought down the government of Sirona and almost dying in the process by killing a giant mech made by the ancients. his friends were killed by an Ice mage with too much power who was in love with him. he sailed the ocean with the group of pirates that accompanied him to the main land so long ago in search of the treasure of a ancient king. They were killed by rival pirates and Tyvore finished the mission to find an ancient sword used by a strong deity. At the age of 18 he formed his own crew and started his new life as a cartographer.

Tyvore Outset

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